Surpluses recycling
1/3 of all food is thrown away.
We can change that!

Use your surplus goods and freeze-dry them with Wave. We design for you a flexible concept with which we utilize your surpluses, thereby you utilize surpluses, design new products and create additional income.
We freeze-dry, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs and more.
Especially exciting are products such as berries, exotic fruits, mushrooms, asparagus and herbs as freeze-dried goods.
Freeze-dried goods achieve higher prices than the original undried goods. This is how you turn surpluses and returns into valuable new products.

Starting material should be ripe but of course not rotten articles.
We can pick up your goods from 20 kg and start to freeze your goods already in the transporter.
Then the goods are sorted, cut according to your requirements, then frozen and freeze-dried.
After freeze-drying, the goods can be further processed, e.g. coated with chocolate or made into powder. We can either return your goods to you or sell them for you.
Currently we are happy to purchase the following items:
Strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries, wild strawberries, porcini mushrooms, asparagus, mango, bananas, pineapple, cilantro, basil, parmesan.
Both as fresh and already frozen items.

If you are interested in our concept, write to us at [email protected]

One third of food is lost on the way from the field to the customer. Overproduction also pollutes the environment.
38 million metric tons of greenhouse gas, over 40,000 square kilometers of agricultural land and over 200 million cubic meters of water are used to produce it.
Added to this are energy, transport, fertilizers, pesticides and the labor involved.
One in eight food items is thrown away. In private households in Germany alone, 6.7 million tons end up in the trash; in Austria, the figure is almost 1 million tons. Per person that is a commodity value of approximately 234 euro, weight: 82 kilograms.
In trade, commerce and industry, another 5 million tons are added, and the losses in agriculture are not even precisely recorded.

The UN has now set a target to drastically reduce food waste by 50% by 2030, preservation, for example through freeze-drying, is crucial.
Many European countries have or require laws against food waste, prepare now for the future.
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