The WAVE FD770
a New Approach to Freeze Drying
The FD770 is the first machine of a completely
new series of freeze drying machines.
We rethought the freeze drying process from the bottom up
for this new model.
Every piece of the FD770 is made to improve productivity and ease of use.
Maximum Extraction Capacity
Using the vacuum tube itself is the fastest method of condensation already used by many producers. What's new is the drawers unit of the FD770 does not even touch the walls of the tube, which makes it possible to use the whole surface for condensation.
Fastest Deicing
Using the whole surface leads to thinner ice and using HGBV for defrosting makes the ice melt off the surface within 20 minutes. From here, it goes to the sink and you can quickly and easily restart for the next batch.
Fastest Reloading
While the machine is deicing, you can begin charging the machine with the next batch of material.
Shockfroster Included
Below the drawers unit, the machine houses a shockfroster unit for all of the 48 trays which are 400 x 600 mm (european standard). While the machine is drying one batch, it is already freezing the next one.
Complete New Design
The sliding door enables the consumer to load the machine from the side and avoids using sticks or huge chambers which are usually necessary to access tablets in such large machines. Another advantage is that we have completely eliminated all cables from the chamber.
The Sink
The sink below the drawers unit is used to catch the ice as soon as it unsticks from the walls after closing the unit. It also serves to catch water and dirt when cleaning the shelves. Once the machine is closed and working, it can be used as a workspace to prepare the next batch that goes to the shockfroster.
Handheld HMI
The unit is equipped with a handheld HMI and can also be accessed remotely. No need to run over to the machine to see what is going on... just take the HMI with you.
The FD770 uses industrial vacuum technology, has an extruded 7 mm thick vacuum tube. The vacuum tube bodies are available in anodized aluminum or stainless steel. The device is manufactured in our factory in Vienna.
Wave has its headquarters in Austria. We supply and support customers throughout Europe. The FD770 is equipped with remote maintenance. Spare parts are always available.
We also have a service center in the US that serves our US customers.
The FD770 features a completely new design and approach to freeze drying. The drawers can be accessed from the side, the lower part of the machine is a shockfroster, and you can quickly load from the shockfroster to the machine without losing valuable time.
Our goal is to offer the best price-performance ratio for freeze dryers. The FD770 is available from $109,900. A leasing with one of our partners is also available.
The FD770 comes with an integrated shockfroster - while the machine dries one batch, it is already freezing the next one in the shockfroster.
Chamber Volume
Surface tray
Tray material
Cooling capacity
Heating capacity
Current load
Condensation temperature
Maximum vacuum
Time to max. vacuum
Recommended Pump
Door closing mechanism
De-icing time
Control system
Vacuum chamber material
Valkuum chamber area
Shock froster
Total weight
Electricity EU Version
Electricity US Version
1500 liters
150 litres/batch
12 m2
60 cm x 40 cm (EURO Standard)
Anodized aluminum or stainless steel
8 KW
Max 15 kW
-45 C
30 mTorr
Min. 15 minutes
Edwards Drystar 80
Hot Gas Bypass
40 minutes
10" HD color touchscreen
SIEMENS simatic
Special steel sliding /Wave patent
Extruded aluminum 7mm
Hard anodized 25
48 drawers
1800 Kg
3 x 16A 230V
3 x 20A 110V
4500 x 1800 x 1100 mm
Depending on variant EUR 95,000
Delivery time
Next delivery date: September 2022
The FD400 uses a new type of rail system that allows faster deicing and better handling of the drawers unit for cleaning and servicing as well as inspection.
The lower unit houses a shockfroster that can store all
48 drawers. Once the machine is defrosted, it can be quickly loaded with the frozen goods and the next batch can be produced.
A strong Blitzer compressor enables the FD770 with
up to 150 Kg of extraction capacity.
A completely new approach to freeze drying enables the fastest turnaround ever in the industry. Loading from the side avoids using sticks to access trays deep inside a tube. The sink drawers unit does not touch the wall and enables maximum capacity for ice.
Your FD770 is built with the components from these distinguished producers