The WAVE FD260 C
For the Cannabis and CBD Industry
in Cooperation with Cryo Cure
Perfectly cure cannabis and hemp in as little as 24 hrs
The weekslong drying and curing process can leave your flower susceptible to degradation and mold. Even the most tightly-controlled environments cannot completely prevent these devastating issues.

Cryo Cure's cannabis and hemp curing machines utilize patent pending freeze drying technology to remove the desired amount of moisture from flower or trim, eliminating many of the risks faced by cultivators and processors. The results, are perfectly preserved flowers with no shrinkage, intensified color and flavor, and stabilized THC, terpenes and trichomes - in just a day!

Advantages of freeze-drying with the FD260 C
More and more producers are opting for this new method of drying...
More Aroma
Freeze-dried flowers contain more THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC & Terpenes than any other drying method.
Lush Green
Get the rich green that your flowers had at harvest. Gain shades of purple and blue which are usually lost during normal drying.
More Volume
The freeze-dried flowers have up to 70% more volume than conventionally dried flowers.
Faster Drying
Instead of 10 to 15 days drying time, freeze-drying takes only 12 to 16 hours, thus shortening the production cycle as well as the space requirement enormously.
Fewer Failures
Especially during the drying process problems often occur, particularly mold infestation often leads to costly production downtimes.
Consistent Quality
Achieve consistent, reliable results while automating the drying and curing process.
Higher Price
Enables a higher retail price and direct market benefits compared to traditional practices.
The FD260 C was specially developed for drying cannabis flowers and CBD. The main differences are the compartment height and coating as well as the software, which is specifically designed for cannabis. The FD260 C comes equipped with 3 secret recipes developed and patented by Cryo Cure.

With this method, you can achieve an excellent result- a rich green, a good aroma and up to 70% more volume. You save time with this method. From the harvest to the perfectly dried final product, it only takes about 12 to 14 hours.

The store configuration can be optimized for top flowers and smaller flowers.

We will be happy to advise you and optimize the process for your used genetics.
The FD260 C uses industrial vacuum technology, has an extruded 7 mm thick vacuum tube, and the shutter bodies are made of anodized aluminum.
The device is manufactured in our factory in Vienna.
Wave has its headquarters in Austria and a technical center in the US in California. We supply and support customers throughout Europe and the USA.
The FD260 C has a modular design and is supplied with 6 drawers (material height 50 mm), which are individually mounted and controlled. Additional options regarding the surface finish are also available.
Our goal is to offer the best price-performance ratio for freeze dryers. Price on request.
The Wave FD260 C is the perfect machine for fast and reliable operations 24/7, 365 days. Wave uses only high quality brand items for its machines and produces by European standards.
Using Cryo Cure's unique and patented recipe it is now possible to dry your material to the perfect amount of humidity and to preserve the maximum of terpenes and trichomes.
Wave uses Siemens Simatic controlers to achieve the highest reliabiliy and safety in the industry.
Surface tray
Cooling capacity
Heating capacity
Current load
Condensation temperature
Maximum vacuum
Time to max. vacuum
Door closing mechanism
De-icing time
Control system
Vacuum chamber material
Valkuum chamber area
Front panel
Total weight
175 liters
25 litres/cycle
Up to 2.5 m2
85 cm x 35 cm
Anodized aluminum or stainless steel
1.7 KW
Up to 400 watt/ drawer
16 Amp/400 Volt
-40 C
50 mTorr
15 minutes
Refurbished Edwards RV18 or similar
Electric or Hot gaz bypass
30 minutes (HGPV) or 120 (normal)
10" HD color HMI
SIEMENS simatic
40 mm acrylic
Extruded aluminum 7mm
310 Kg
122cm x 73cm x 94cm
Price on request
Delivery time
Next delivery date: June 2022
Your FD260 C is build with the components from these distinguished producers: