The WAVE FD400
The FD400 uses industrial vacuum technology and has an extruded 7 mm thick vacuum tube. The shutter bodies are available in anodized aluminum or stainless steel. The device is manufactured in our factory in Vienna.
Wave has its headquarters in Austria. We supply and support customers throughout Europe. The FD400 is equipped with remote maintenance. Spare parts are always available.
We also have a service center in the US that serves our US customers.
The FD400 has a modular design and can be operated with 1 - 12 compartments, which can be individually mounted and controlled. The devices themselves are stackable and can be operated as a cluster. Additional options regarding the surface finish are also available.
Our goal is to offer the best price-performance ratio for freeze dryers. The FD400 is available from $33.950. A leasing with one of our partners is also available.
The dry material stores can be opened in a few minutes and thus
can be converted in a short time. There are shelf distances of 20 to 80 mm, also available in different heights.
Surface tray
Tray material
Cooling capacity
Heating capacity
Current load
Condensation temperature
Maximum vacuum
Time to max. vacuum
Door closing mechanism
De-icing time
Control system
Vacuum chamber material
Valkuum chamber area
Front panel
Total weight
Electricity EU Version
Electricity US Version
420 liters
40 litres/batch
Up to 5 m2
56,5cm x 35cm (2 trays in each compartment)
Optional from 1 to 12
Anodized aluminum or stainless steel
3 KW
Up to 600watt/drawer
Max 9kW
-40 C
50 mTorr
Min. 15 minutes
Refurbished Edwards RV18 or stronger
20 minutes
10" HD color touchscreen
SIEMENS simatic
40 mm acrylic
Extruded aluminum 7mm
Hard anodized 25
410 Kg
3 x 16A 230V
3 x 20A 110V
115 x 150 x 90 cm
Depending on variant from $33.950
Delivery time
Next delivery date: April 2022
The FD400 uses a new type of rail system that allows faster deicing and better handling of the drawers unit for cleaning, servicing, as well as inspection.
Two strong compressors supported with 3 fans enable extractions of up to 35 kg per batch.
The FD400 uses Siemens Simatic ,a PLC. Our software is easy to use and allows flexible programming of the drying process. Drying can be done in up to 10 cycles and reported statistics give you insight into the effectiveness of the drying process.
Lights inside the chassis indicate the status of the machine, blue for working, red for alarms, and green for 1 hr to go until the end of the drying process.
The MULE helps for quick defrost, cleaning, and unloading the FD400. Once drying is completed the drawers unit is removed with the MULE, and the ice slides onto it. Meanwhile the tube and the drawers unit can be cleaned, the melting water can be collected, which is useful for many applications.
Your FD400 is built with the components from these distinguished producers